Tips for Successful Mobile Check Deposits at Credit Unions

As banking goes digital, credit union members now have the convenience of depositing paper checks using their smartphones through mobile deposit services. This process, known as remote deposit capture, allows members to endorse a check, capture photos of the front and back, and upload them via their credit union’s mobile app. While mobile check deposits offer ease and efficiency, it’s important to follow certain steps to ensure a successful deposit. This article provides simple tips to help credit union members navigate the mobile deposit process smoothly.

1. Know Your Credit Union’s Requirements:

Ensure that you are eligible for your credit union’s mobile deposit service by checking the eligibility criteria or signing up for mobile banking if required.

2. Endorse the Check:

Use blue or black ink to sign the back of the check and follow any specific instructions provided by your credit union. This may include writing “for remote deposit only” or including the last four digits of your account number.

3. Check Deposit Limits:

Verify that the amount of your check falls within the deposit limits set by your credit union. If your check exceeds these limits, you may need to deposit it at an ATM or the branch office.

4. Take a Clear Picture of the Check:

Ensure a clear and quality photo of your check by following these tips:

– Place the check on a dark background that won’t reflect your camera flash.
– Ensure sufficient lighting on the check.
– Capture the entire check, including all four corners, within the photo frame.
– Remove any other objects from the photo frame.
– Hold your smartphone directly above the check for the best angle.
– If the image is blurry, adjust the camera position slightly higher above the check.
– If experiencing issues with quality or lighting, turn off the flash.

5. Confirm and Send:

Before submitting the deposit, double-check that the check is being deposited into the correct account and that all information is accurate.

6. Retain the Hardcopy of the Check:

Keep the physical copy of the check until the deposit is processed. Your credit union may notify you via email once the deposit is accepted. Once you receive the confirmation email, write “deposited by mobile” on the check and hold onto it until the deposit reflects in your account.

Mobile check deposits have transformed how credit union members interact with their accounts. By following these simple steps, you can make safe and secure mobile deposits. While mobile banking offers convenience, it’s important to remember that physical branches still play a role in certain banking transactions. By embracing mobile deposit services alongside traditional banking channels, credit union members can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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