Reflections on Humanity, the Environment, and Spiritual Awakening

Throughout the centuries, the Earth has been shaped by natural processes, resulting in the formation of deposits and the creation of our world. However, in just a few hundred years of industrialism, humanity has altered and depleted the planet through greed, overexploitation, and environmental degradation. If standing before God, what would be said in defense of these actions driven by money and the pursuit of material wealth? Is the importance placed on metals greater than the necessity of clean air? Why do short-term gains overshadow the well-being of future generations and the world they will inherit?

The Supremacy of Money:

One undeniable force driving destruction is money. If questioned by God, what justification could be given? Survival in a world dependent on money may be cited as a necessity. The appeal of convenient food over untouched jungles might be argued. The need for electricity and warmth derived from coal may be highlighted. However, what if it is revealed that money and commerce have only been present for a mere 2,000 years, tied to the second beast of Revelation and the inventions of Constantine? A deeper understanding of history may reveal the blindsiding effect of these systems.

Reflecting on the Past

Understanding our present situation requires reflection on past events. Some individuals possess an advantage in this regard, with memories of past lives and the knowledge that reincarnation is a reality. Such insights challenge traditional religious beliefs of heaven, hell, angels, and saints. The spirit transcends death, experiencing rebirth multiple times, as mentioned in biblical passages such as Job 5:19-22 and Isaiah 26:19. Isaiah 45:4-8 emphasizes the existence of only one God, refuting the concept of the Trinity introduced by Constantine.

Purpose and Challenges in Life:

The question arises: Why are we here, and what is the meaning of life? The Bible offers answers, particularly through prophecies. The Children of Israel symbolize humanity undergoing refinement to attain spiritual perfection. In these times, spiritual gifts, including miraculous healings and inner peace, manifest among those open to them. Judgment is not the purpose, as all individuals have fulfilled their roles. The chosen few who embrace spirituality are destined to endure the forthcoming challenges, known only to God.

The Role of Humanity

While the majority depletes resources, pollutes the environment, engages in warfare, and causes suffering through their attachment to money, there is hope. Spiritual awakening brings forth a profound connection to nature and an understanding of our place in the grand tapestry of life. Just as plants grow in fertile soil, the spiritually awakened are the seeds of change in a world facing devastation.

Humanity stands at a critical juncture, facing the consequences of its actions driven by materialism and greed. Reflecting on the past and seeking spiritual enlightenment can provide insights into the true purpose of life. Through a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness with the environment, we can strive for a more sustainable and compassionate future. While many continue to deplete resources and cause hardship, those who embrace spiritual awakening hold the potential to heal and nurture the world, guided by a higher power beyond human comprehension.

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